5 Female Instagram Accounts to Follow

5 Female Instagram Accounts to Follow

Monday, November 03 2014

In line with last weeks blog post, here are five lady friends you should all be following. They are smart, innovative lifestyle accounts that play with texture, tone and synchrinosity. The aesthetic's are clean, some archtiecturally inspired, and they are cohseive. These accounts represent art, and because we pride ourselves on being a blend of art and fashion, take a look & feel inspired. 

1. @palomaparrot. This account is inspired by strong, white backgrounds, striking colors and intrinsic details. The palette is understated, the tone is light and under the current of each delicate layout, the female behind it is strong, knowing exactly the image she wants to portray and how to portray it. 

2. @emaritraffie. Emari, like mem-ory, is a photographer, taking pictures of her travels inspired by all things LA. She uses strong contrast in her photos, and plays into the dark undercurrent that can encompass LA living, yet you can feel her passion through the way in which she edits the photos and pairs images with each other. 

3. @morningslikethese. This account takes on the pleasures of every one's everyday by sharing, "mindful mornings from around the world." Whether her photos show a family wrapped around a table or an office desk cluttered with notes, pens, pictures and a coffee cup sticking out of the corner, this account is an illustrative way to show how each morning is an artistic expression of who we are. 

4. @alliemtaylor. This account is filled with beautiful landscape images in combination with scenic depictions of her day-to-day journies through LA and its surroundings. The photos are crisp, vibrant and hypnotic. She is based in LA and focuses on art and design. 

5. @nana_ha. Nana Hagel is a food and travel writer based in Copenhagen. Her account is reminiscent of a simpler time, with a clean and simple aesthetic. She plays with the simplicity of design and nature, often incorporating the two elements into her photos.