5 Male Fashion & Lifestyle Accounts to Follow

5 Male Fashion & Lifestyle Accounts to Follow

Monday, October 27 2014

A lot of the time, fashion blogs are all very similar in aesthetic. This week, we will be spotlighting five male fashion accounts that we think are different, exude a distinct personality & deliver a pleasing scope on the fashion. Don't worry ladies, next week we wil be spotlighting five of you as well! 

1. @reyalfashion. Reinaldo Irizarry is a fashion stylist & author. His account is basically a style guide for the modern man and plays with crisp lifestyle imagery & wardrobe photos. 

2. @danielseunglee. Daniel Seung Lee is a photographer based in NYC. His photos give an intrinsic glimpse into the city while showcasing the people who have influence in his life. 

3. @marcustroy. This account plays into the darker aesthetic of fashion. It is raw & real and you can see his passion and unique perspective.

4. @datswhatupp. Dathias G. T. Hoang is a menswear & lifestyle blogger who plays with vibrant hues & changing perspectives. His account ranges from landscapes to food imagery to shades of blue & everything in between. This account will brighten & liven up any feed, and you can tell through the photos that Hoang has fun with it. 

5. @ziiarch. This account is a little simpler & has a touch of femininity to it. Playing with stark, white backgrounds, minimalism, & pops of color, this account adds a touch of delicacy to the fashion blogger scope.