Made in the USA #Merica

Made in the USA #Merica

Monday, May 16 2016

There is no denying that we love an easy-breezy tee that rocks a Made in the USA tag. Being Made in the USA is all about providing you with on trend, rad apparel and accessories while giving you the best quality around that screams America.

We're all about supporting those ma + pop businesses who are all about Made in the USA, so show your support to by checking out some of our POOLTRADESHOW brands that you can sport all summer long, and visit their booth to pick up something new at the August show. Look for the Made in the USA sign in their booth! 



ReStrung, a fusion of artist Naomi Celestin's biggest passions - art, music and giving back to the community. Founded in 2011, Celestin got the idea to make jewelry with guitar strings after looking at some old strings at a friend's house. After realizing that musicians break strings often and change out their strings regularly, she began to call on all th musicians she knew and asked them to save their strings. After experimenting, Naomi Celestin came up with a technique that incorporates her signature wire-work, used guitar strings, and semi-precious stones. ReStrung donates a portion of their profits to The New Orleans Musicians Clinic to keep the cultural community of NOLA vibrant and unique. 




The passion for improved skin health, and the inspiration of seeing possibilities in people suffering from illnesses and lack of confidence, fueled a young woman with a vison: a vision of natural beauty and healthy hygiene. With that, Honey Belle was born. A  small company dedicated to making a big difference in your life. For every handcrafted soap purchased, one will be donated to an individual in need. 




ASTALI Jewelry is designed and hand-made by Los Angeles-based artist, Shannon Astali De Jong. A designer by day, and a rocker by night culminated in the birth of her line attributed to an alter-ego she named Jack Astali. As the line evolved, its subversive, rebellious nature emerged. Hallmarks of the ASTALI designs include rugged and unexpected materials- bullet casings, fool's gold, snake vertebrae, buffalo teeth, vintage peepshow tokens, porcupine quills, reclaimed wood, and much more. Shannon Astali De Jong finds her inspiration equally at Natural History museums and flea markets.




Eco-conscious, design driven, alcohol + beverage friendly, canvas canteens. At Tote + Abel they embrace the idea that form follows function, they join the fundamental design philosophy with graphics, illustration and craftsmandship. Reuse is their eco-philosophy. Upcycling, recycling, reusable products to replace disposable products is the contribution they make to sustainability. The goal of Tote + Abel is to design products that are built in the USA and in the community. They live locally and think globally. 




Established in San Fransisco in 2004, and entirley manufactured in the USA. Nooworks is everyday wear- for a bike ride, for a rock show, fo the movies, for first dates, for a dog walk through the park, for lunch with your pals, for an art opening, for hanging out making mix tapes, for happy hour, for dancing, for joyriding, for baking cookies. Nooworks is dedicated to having fun, to fresh perspectives, to laying low and getting cozy, to going out and getting crazy. Each season comes with new fresh designs from featured artists. Nooworks creates soft, flattering vintage inspired cuts in high quality modern fabrics with bold, inspired graphics that stand out in a crowd and project a posotive lifestyle.