Meet the Brains Behind: Team Cocktail

Meet the Brains Behind: Team Cocktail

Wednesday, December 26 2012

In this series, we introduce you to the designers behind some of the leading brands at POOL. Gain an exclusive look into what it takes to build a brand and the tips to breaking into the biz.

We sat down with Lyndsey Higgins, Co-Founder of Team Cocktail, to discuss the important stuff, namely Caribbean beaches and the brand's motto: "Travel Global, Drink Local."

1. Tell us about Team Cocktail. Team Cocktail is a beach and cocktail inspired t-shirt, clothing, accessory & travel company.  Our inspiration to start the company came from our annual trip to the white sand beaches of the Caribbean. It was there that we decided that life is best enjoyed in a t-shirt, shorts, flip flops...and with a drink in hand.  From that starting point we were determined to produce high quality beach and cocktail inspired t-shirts, clothing and accessories.  We like to say we're a drinking company with a clothing problem!

2. How has your business evolved since day one? In the beginning, we were focused just on creating fun beach & drinking designs that people would relate to and find very comfortable. Since then, we have found that people are really loyal to the company and feel like they are a part of the Team. Not only have we expanded our merchandise offering to include sweatshirts, koozies, and other drinking accessories, but we have also developed a travel division. On the travel side of our business we plan group vacations to tropical destinations in the Caribbean.  We are currently gearing up for our annual cruise in January and will be going to an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic in July.  This has really helped expand our customer base and helped bring the "team" together.  We also throw tailgate parties at concerts and football games, which is a great opportunity for us to meet & interact with our customers.  

3. Any advice for emerging designers looking to break into the industry? Don't be afraid to take risks and let your customer base help steer the company a bit. It is of course important to stay true to your original plan, but be open to change, and listen to what your customers are asking for.  

4. Tell us what tool or technology you use every day. Honestly, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram are huge for us.  They are all great ways to organically spread the word about Team Cocktail and it is how we build our customer base.  We find it is really important to stay connected to our fans/customers and make them feel like the are all a part of the team.  Connecting on a personal level is what we feel has been our greatest strength.  Oh and the fact that our t-shirts are super soft and the designs are fun...keeps them coming back for more.

5. Preferred Cocktail of choice? Depends on which person on our team that you're talking to.  But in general our motto is "Travel Global, Drink Local."  So wherever we are we try to drink the local beer, rum, vodka, etc.  We're a small business and like to support other local small businesses.  I can confidently say there is a lot of vodka, whiskey & beer that gets consumed at our "staff meetings."  

6. Favorite Pool Memory? Easy! POOL was the very first trade show we had ever attended. So the day we wrote our first order was really exciting!