Thursday, August 23 2012


In this series, we meet the designers behind the POOL brands for a special look into what it takes to be an independent designer.

1. Tell us about yourself! What is your brand's product? I am the designer of Naïs, an Urban Crafted Lingerie brand based in Brooklyn. Our collections are Lingerie and Loungewear and everything is made in NY.

2. What sets your product apart from the crowd? Maybe the fact that our collections are made for everyday but with original designs. Or maybe that we bring the fashion codes in the Lingerie market. Or just that we think local.

3. As independent designers, how did you get into the business? I am from France and when I came to the US for a job a couple of years ago, I realized that the Lingerie market was very different from Europe. It is still a market full of space for new designers and with an available local manufacturing. So the concept popped-up!

4. Any words of wisdom for aspiring designers? Always know what you are talking about and follow your instinct.