#ThePOOLConnect: PR Tips from Crosby, founder of prcouture

#ThePOOLConnect: PR Tips from Crosby, founder of prcouture

Monday, October 07 2013



PR Tips from Crosby, founder of prcouture

Anticipate Customer Experiences

"There are more potential customer touch-points than ever before - from your website to Pinterest to the sales floor. Map out all of the possible ways a customer may come into contact with your brand, and answer the questions "What do I want them to know" and What do I want them to do next." Build these insights into your communication strategy."

Think Like an Editor

"Fashion trend stories are often cyclical, seasonal, and celebrity-driven. Increase your chances of coverage by succinctly pitching the the story angle or product that is both right for the editor and consistent with your brand. Begin by spending an afternoon at the library researching back issues of your target publications. Make note of story headlines, price points, brands featured, and who is writing what stories and use this intel to craft your next email."

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