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Monday, October 10 2016

Take a quick peek at a few of POOL's fresh faces in the socialsphere who are constantly keeping it interesting on their social media channels!

Monday, November 03 2014

In line with last weeks blog post, here are five lady friends you should all be following. They are smart, innovative lifestyle accounts that play with texture, tone and synchrinosity. The aesthetic's are clean, some archtiecturally inspired, and they are cohseive. These accounts represent art, and because we pride ourselves on being a blend of art and fashion, take a look & feel inspired. 

Monday, October 27 2014

A lot of the time, fashion blogs are all very similar in aesthetic. This week, we will be spotlighting five male fashion accounts that we think are different, exude a distinct personality & deliver a pleasing scope on the fashion. Don't worry ladies, next week we wil be spotlighting five of you as well!